What is Drop & Go?

Drop & Go is our new service that allows you to conveniently drop-off your pre-sorted recyclables using our exclusive Reusable Bags. This service is only available before business hours and payment is processed the same day to help you avoid the lines. A one-time online registration will be required to take part in this service.


What type of containers go inside my Reusable Bag?

All CRV (California Refund Value) beverage containers can be returned inside your Reusuable Bags. 

CRV only applies to beverage containers purchased within California. 


DO NOT mix plastic, aluminum and glass in the same Reusable Bag.Please do not put more than 30 glass bottles in a bag so the bag’s weight remains under our 20 lb. limit.

Non-CRV containers must not be mixed with CRV items as they will contaminate your load & may delay your payment. 

How many Reusable Bags may I drop off per day? 

You can drop off up to 4 bags per day, per account at our Recycling Center. 





Where do I Drop & Go my Reusable bags?

You can Drop & Go at our Story Road recycling Center between 8:30AM - 4:30PM daily.

How long does it take to get my refund?

Reusable Bags will be processed and credited the same day. In the event we are unable to process a bag within the same day, we will reach out to you base on information we have on file.

Where do I get my Reusable Bags?

Reusable Bags can be purchased at Story Road Recycling  Cashier or Mini Store. Each Reusable Bag can hold aprox. 100 containers & up to 200 containers if smashed.